What if…

Time ticks,
You age.
With you your bonds age,
Some mature,
Others can’t match the pace.
The ones you hold close,
Are the ones you wish to take along.
In times of doubt,
You know you can sail through.
But what if….
What if you drift for reasons unknown?
What if..
You never saw it coming?
What if…
You realised too late?
What if…
There was no time to mend?
What if…
You said and your words were succumbed in a black hole?
What if..
You were no more important?
It hurts,
Heart winces in pain.
Blame game ensues,
Cascading in an avalanche of fireball.
You can see the only person,
Who heard your cries being sucked into the lost universe.
You stand there,
All alone; a mere spectator.
The galaxy of stars laughing at you,
Universe sniggering at your apathy.
That’s when you feel real loss..
It’s not the loss of the person,
It’s the loss of a bond.
A bond which was worth a million heartbeats!


It was the summer of 2012. The streets leading to Medill University around Dunkin Street were busier than ever. Hawkers had lined up expecting more business than ever. The air was rather cooler than usual. Students were getting out of cars or taxis in long black robes lined with blue border. Some of them were adjusting their mortarboards in the rear view of the mirror, others their tassels so that it fell perfectly on the left. David was waiting for Jia for a long time now outside Mr. Phillips bakery, which was their routine hangout during the 2 years of college where both of them had been pursuing Masters in Psychology. David was 27 and Jia 35 but that hardly affected both of them. Finally, he could see her from a distance tottering in her Louis Vuitton kitten heels, managing her georgette black and red saree. The moment she approached David she planted a customary make-up kiss on David’s lips, clenched on his hands firmly and they started walking towards the university where their graduation ceremony awaited them.

The graduation ceremony was an extravaganza where the students and the professors treated the parting batch royally. There was mimicry, valedictory speeches, dance and every bit of entertainment. Amidst all this, David and Jia sneaked into one of their favorite isolated lecture rooms which was no more in use and today they were sure of zero intrusion. As soon as David latched the door behind them, Jia lept on him so tight that even air could not escape between them. David held her by the waist and pulled her close so as to entwine his tongue into hers and they engaged in a long passionate kiss. David started undressing Jia slowly and steadily while caressing her G spot right below her ear. While, Jia was lost in David’s magic his hands that were on her waistband eventually slipped inside her panties, which sent Jia in an erotic frenzy.

David lifted Jia in his arms and settled her on a table which was not big enough to accommodate both of them comfortably, but enough for two bodies to become one. David’s constant thrusts inside Jia made her moans echo in every corner of the room that even ‘The Final Countdown’ music track playing in the background seemed feeble. David came inside Jia like a tornado’s intensity and Jia could see all the tension, pent-up emotions finally release from his face as he collapsed inside her bosom. Jia held him close in a warm embrace, not wanting to let go off the moment and whispered ‘I love you’ in his ears. Tears trickled from the corner of their eyes as they enveloped closer than ever. After gathering their scattered clothes, David and Jia walked together silently till the exit of the college gate where David kissed Jia’s forehead and before she could say something, her phone rang with Arun on the other side. David knew he had to leave and so he did.

My Best Friend

A dedication to my best friend for life on this Friendship’s Day!mother-and-daughter


The one who first saw me naked,

With who there was no shame or consciousness whatsoever.

I walked my first step with her, towards her,

She guided me to my path.

Without uttering, she caught my expressions,

Sensing all that was amiss within.

Encouraging me to rise above my flaws,

Never let me wander into the haze.

Staying true to her promise,

Of being with me at every step that I climbed.

Lending a shoulder to cry on,

When pain and heartaches became unbearable.

Never expressed the slightest grim,

For the times I have not been by her side.

Getting the real woman out in me,

Unaffected by any insecurity whatsoever.

She witnessed all my embarrassing moments,

With same smile as the glorious ones.

Sharing me with the love of her life,

With equal affection and fondness,

She never let anyone in this world,

Point a finger at me.

Camouflaging my flaws,

She hid my weaknesses away from the world.

My best friend and worse critic in need,

She is the one who has seen me grow…

From a child to a girl to a woman.

She is my best friend.

She is my mother.

I love her like I have not loved anyone before and there will be no one beyond her.