Her hands were painted red,
Her face bore peace.
Now she could fly high,
for her only tormentor was gone.
The years of pain, now behind her.
She carefully lifted his body,
to give him a final funeral.
Not cause he was her father,
but to see him vanish forever!



The right is in the moment,
Take that step.
The wrong doesn’t exist.
Live the moment,
With all your conviction.
Don’t wait for another time,
There probably wouldn’t be one.
Don’t linger to seize the moment,
Let the moment seize you.



I loved my milk warm,
She knew it well.
And there it was,
Cold, covered in cream!
I shouted, she didn’t respond.
I yelled harder, in vain.
How could she?
Maa was 7000 miles away.