Beer hair! 

 I have heard a lot that beer does wonders to your hair but never really tried it due to my aversion to the residual smell that it might leave. But finally after reading experiences of people who have tried it and ways of getting rid off the smell, I tried beer for hair conditioning and bingo! It was one hell of an experience. 

To use beer as a hair conditioner, all you require is a beer bottle. 

-I went to a wine shop near my house and told him I want the lightest beer since I wanted to wash my hair with it. He gave me a bottle of London Pilsner.


-I uncorked the bottle once home and emptied it in a plastic bottle. 

– To get rid off the alcoholic beer smell, keep the bottle open overnight.

– After washing my hair with regular shampoo, I use some amount of the beer and wash my hair thoroughly with it and keep the shaft immersed in it for a while ( say for about 2 minutes)

– Let the beer get absorb in your hair cuticles and roots for a while and then wash it off.

– Just in case you feel the alcoholic smell is troubling you, use a bit of your regular conditioner. 

– And you are done.

You will notice that as you are rinsing off the beer, your hair feels soft and smooth to touch. After you have dried the hair, there is absolutely no beer smell left behind and you cannot stop running your fingers through your hair (atleast I couldn’t ;).

Go ahead and indulge your hair with some fresh cold beer. It’s absolute heaven.