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Recently, I was looking for something to gift my mom as her retirement gift. After much thinking and looking around I came across this India Gift Portal website which has curated gifts for everybody on the basis of their age, gender, relationship and it’s amazing when you browse through each category, you will realise how thoughtful the categorised gift items are. Since my mom has now resumed driving and she has been asking me to get her a cushion as a back rest, I found a really cute cushion on their site which I thought would be the perfect way of surprising her when she would be least expecting it.



I loved the fact the way each and category has been mentioned which makes it really easy for a shopper to simply choose the occasion, the gender and in some cases the relationship has been specified so you get to see options which you might not have thought of. Even once you select the category that’s not it, you can further apply filters like boyfriend/ husband/brother/friend, the occasion and personality type. It was absolutely amazing. Since I was looking for gifts for mom, the options ranged from gourmet kitchen food items to temple accessories, house decor etc. They also have personalised mothers day gifts apart from other occasions like Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Friendships Day etc.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 5.38.21 pm.png

Now that I was on, I thought I might as well buy a gift for my best friend whose birthday was coming in the next few days. It was overwhelming to see the range of products has to offer there. From beautiful flowers to beautiful accessories, there was everything that I couldn’t even think of. Furthermore I could choose the personality type ranging from Geeky, Traveller, Foodie, Homemaker, Fashionista, Fitness Freak, Nature Lover etc.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 5.43.16 pm.png

Finally, I came across a very pretty choker kind of a neckpiece which I thought goes well with her personality and would look good on her.


Since then, I have recommend to all my friends and colleagues as it is an absolute hassle free way of choosing and sending gifts to all your loved ones. They also deliver gifts to a lot of countries so now you won’t have any more excuses of not sending gifts to friends and relatives living abroad.