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Recently, I was looking for something to gift my mom as her retirement gift. After much thinking and looking around I came across this India Gift Portal website which has curated gifts for everybody on the basis of their age, gender, relationship and it’s amazing when you browse through each category, you will realise how thoughtful the categorised gift items are. Since my mom has now resumed driving and she has been asking me to get her a cushion as a back rest, I found a really cute cushion on their site which I thought would be the perfect way of surprising her when she would be least expecting it.



I loved the fact the way each and category has been mentioned which makes it really easy for a shopper to simply choose the occasion, the gender and in some cases the relationship has been specified so you get to see options which you might not have thought of. Even once you select the category that’s not it, you can further apply filters like boyfriend/ husband/brother/friend, the occasion and personality type. It was absolutely amazing. Since I was looking for gifts for mom, the options ranged from gourmet kitchen food items to temple accessories, house decor etc. They also have personalised mothers day gifts apart from other occasions like Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Friendships Day etc.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 5.38.21 pm.png

Now that I was on, I thought I might as well buy a gift for my best friend whose birthday was coming in the next few days. It was overwhelming to see the range of products has to offer there. From beautiful flowers to beautiful accessories, there was everything that I couldn’t even think of. Furthermore I could choose the personality type ranging from Geeky, Traveller, Foodie, Homemaker, Fashionista, Fitness Freak, Nature Lover etc.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 5.43.16 pm.png

Finally, I came across a very pretty choker kind of a neckpiece which I thought goes well with her personality and would look good on her.


Since then, I have recommend to all my friends and colleagues as it is an absolute hassle free way of choosing and sending gifts to all your loved ones. They also deliver gifts to a lot of countries so now you won’t have any more excuses of not sending gifts to friends and relatives living abroad.


Beer hair! 

 I have heard a lot that beer does wonders to your hair but never really tried it due to my aversion to the residual smell that it might leave. But finally after reading experiences of people who have tried it and ways of getting rid off the smell, I tried beer for hair conditioning and bingo! It was one hell of an experience. 

To use beer as a hair conditioner, all you require is a beer bottle. 

-I went to a wine shop near my house and told him I want the lightest beer since I wanted to wash my hair with it. He gave me a bottle of London Pilsner.


-I uncorked the bottle once home and emptied it in a plastic bottle. 

– To get rid off the alcoholic beer smell, keep the bottle open overnight.

– After washing my hair with regular shampoo, I use some amount of the beer and wash my hair thoroughly with it and keep the shaft immersed in it for a while ( say for about 2 minutes)

– Let the beer get absorb in your hair cuticles and roots for a while and then wash it off.

– Just in case you feel the alcoholic smell is troubling you, use a bit of your regular conditioner. 

– And you are done.

You will notice that as you are rinsing off the beer, your hair feels soft and smooth to touch. After you have dried the hair, there is absolutely no beer smell left behind and you cannot stop running your fingers through your hair (atleast I couldn’t ;).

Go ahead and indulge your hair with some fresh cold beer. It’s absolute heaven. 

The Secret Gateaway!

Last weekend I had the best gate-away I could ever ask for. The entire week’s work takes such a toll on the mind and body that it becomes absolutely essential to have a relaxing weekend to gear for the week that awaits. And, if someone proposes a weekend party or a short vacation, I usually am not up for it unless the place and company is worth indulging. So, something similar happened last week when my father and a couple of his friends had planned a weekend trip to a place situated on the outskirts of the city, Hidden Village. Initially, I was aversive towards being a party to this plan but when I saw the pictures of the place my mind immediately said a yes. With just a 75 kms drive from Mumbai, the drive was pleasant and smooth with the highway being mostly empty in the wee hours of the morning. It took us 2 and a half hours to reach the place (with a halt in between for breakfast) and as the name suggests, the place was actually hidden in a small locality called Atgaon which is 6 kms from Shahpur. For people who do not know, Shahpur is an agricultural and industrial area located on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Hidden Village is in a small corner of a road and the entire place is full of greenery, with beautiful hotel rooms built on hilly terrains. There is a waterfall coming from a nearby dam area which forms an important attraction of this place. Because the place is situated in a village, the feel and experience is also like staying in a village. The staff of the hotel is hardworking, cooperative and extremely warm.


The entrance to Hidden Village


Typical village architecture welcomes you to Hidden Village













The rooms were big and spacious to accommodate our group of 13 people comfortably. All kinds of facilities were made available in the rooms starting from extra beddings to bedsheets and pillows. The rooms were air-conditioned with hot water available 24/7. There was a big seating area outside the room with tables and chairs.

The living area in the room

The living area in the room


Seating space outside room













The two days that I was there, the weather was at its best. It was raining and the greenery was endearing with cool breeze blowing throughout the day. When we arrived, the dam water was clean and clear with the flow quite normal to venture and soak ourselves in the cool waters. The next morning when I woke up, I was astonished to see the same dam water turned into coffee colour flowing at gushing speed, owing to the incessant overnight showers.

Clear waters of the dam Tansa

Clear waters of the dam Tansa

Coffee colour water thanks to incessant rains

Coffee colour water thanks to incessant rains













Hidden Village is a perfect place for people across all age groups. Apart from the dam, there is a swimming pool to relax in, a recreational section where a number of indoor games are set for having fun with our group members. I particularly enjoyed playing foosball which puts your motor skills to test and can get quite exhausting towards the end. Apart from that, one can easily while away an hour or two by playing carom, pool and table-tennis.

Recreational Centre

Recreational Centre

The best thing about being at Hidden Village is that at no point in time you will feel hungry. The staff there makes sure that you are well fed during your stay. Their breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks consisted of lip- smacking Maharashtrian delicacies, namely, Misal, spicy Chicken, Mutton and Fish curries along with desi desserts to pamper your taste buds.

The Restaurant Area

The Restaurant Area

There was this mini trek trail that one can take within the hidden village and go up to the dam area where you would be greeted by some white ducks. The trek trail is a relaxing walking up the slope with greenery all around and if you are lucky enough you would also spot some rare bird species out there. Make sure to keep your cameras handy to capture these birds and the flowers that you would discover on your way.


Trekking Trail
















At reasonable overnight rates, I feel this is the perfect place to sneak away from the hustle of our daily lives because we truly deserve a peaceful get-away over the weekend. You can check their website ( in order to check the kind of rooms and tariffs they have to offer. I am sure after checking their website, you will be tempted to pack your bags and drive off in pursuit of relaxation and mental bliss.




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