I told him to push me in whenever he arrived,

For we had to cuddle  & sleep close to each other,

Not by choice but by circumstance.

Not that we don’t love cuddling,

but we also retire into our space once we fall asleep.

Last night we couldn’t.

He tiptoed in the wee hours,

Saw me occupying his side of the bed.

Instead of pushing me in,

decided to sleep on the floor without a mattress.

I remember momentarily opening my eyes,

noticed him on the floor but let him be.

Finally, saw him sleeping on naked floor in the morning,

Pulled him close to me.

Cuddled & slept together for the next one hour.

I’m not sure if I can ever be like him;

thoughtful, caring & affectionate.

He’s my Jack.

Selfless love is him.




She rubbed her eraser hard, 

trying to erase the lines.

But, the creases remained,

for it had been deeply inscribed. 

No matter how hard she tried,

the faint yet vivid memories,

were to haunt her forever. 


What if…

Time ticks,
You age.
With you your bonds age,
Some mature,
Others can’t match the pace.
The ones you hold close,
Are the ones you wish to take along.
In times of doubt,
You know you can sail through.
But what if….
What if you drift for reasons unknown?
What if..
You never saw it coming?
What if…
You realised too late?
What if…
There was no time to mend?
What if…
You said and your words were succumbed in a black hole?
What if..
You were no more important?
It hurts,
Heart winces in pain.
Blame game ensues,
Cascading in an avalanche of fireball.
You can see the only person,
Who heard your cries being sucked into the lost universe.
You stand there,
All alone; a mere spectator.
The galaxy of stars laughing at you,
Universe sniggering at your apathy.
That’s when you feel real loss..
It’s not the loss of the person,
It’s the loss of a bond.
A bond which was worth a million heartbeats!

Unheard Cries

Grimy in mud she dug her hands deep,

Trying to build the castle of her dreams.

Clothes, stained and soiled,

With the playfulness of her childhood,

For she was oblivious to the worldly vice.

Slide and swing, her only companions,

Scaling her to heights that nobody else could.

Busy chasing the butterfly that caught her eye,

She ran deep into the bushes to give a try.

Tall- dark figure awaited her,

Smiled and assured to win her over,

Unaware of the evil on his mind,

She embarked into the wild.

Taking her in his arms,

He swung her up in the sky.

Ecstatic and amused she wanted more.

But to her bewilderment,

He dropped her hard to the ground.

Appalled and shaken she fell,

Unable to fathom her surroundings,

While he unleashed the demon within.

Brutally ripping apart the tiny hymen,

Lambasting her soul with his demonic penetrations,

Until her wails faded in the air,

With no one to help and no one to care.

Dragging her aching body,

She cried her heart out to her tormented parents.

Who hushed her into silence,

For the fear of ostracism from society.

Cause deep down they knew,

That their fight and furore,

Would lead them to a dead end,

Seeking nothing but ill fortune for their angel,

Whose innocence was wretched

And childhood unabashedly ripped apart.

For she was to deal with the agony and pain,

Without a helping hand to aid,

Cause only a few fortunate in our society

Bear the freedom to stand up for their right.

While others rot in silence,

With their basic right to life

Dumped, crushed and burnt.

For justice comes to those,

Who posses power and position;

Not to those who are bound by the shackles of tyranny,

Born to die a laborious life of struggle in this so-called independent 21st century world.


PS- While there is yet another wave of angst and rebel going around in the country, this time for the inhumanity meted to a young school kid from Bangalore, it is important that we stop treating rape, molestation or eve-teasing as a normal phenomenon. Such kind of incidents simply show the sick, vile and narrow minded patriarchal mentality that our society is possessed with. There is a need to eradicate this mentality from the roots and not by merely introducing stringent laws and relief measures for the time being. It needs to be understood that while, it is not only the perpetrator who deserves to be punished but also the mentality of the people who have been bestowed with the authority to ensure just and liberal society that needs a change. One cannot give impetuous to one incident while the 100 others go unreported on a daily basis.

A system strong enough in its foundation needs to be introduced where such weak activities will not find ground to breed in and spread their virus. Remember, women are not commodities of pleasure who can be agonized due to someone’s lack of self control.